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Kids & Baby Rugs

Kids' Rugs for Playrooms and Bedrooms

Turn your little ones' favorite spaces into comfortable, relaxing havens with kids' area rugs from Pottery Barn Kids. Choose rugs tough enough to stand up to everyday life - and that are durable, easy to clean and packed with plush comfort for little feet, hands and knees.

Solid-Colored Rugs for Kids

Simple, soft and easy to coordinate with existing decor, solid-colored kids' rugs are the perfect choice in nurseries, children's bedrooms and playrooms. Because you can simply select the right shade - choosing between bright and vivid colors, charming pastels and all the shades between - these are the easiest rugs to add to any child's space. Pick a large, rectangular rug to cover hardwoods and create a play space, or choose a round, oval or half-moon rug to cover a very specific area. You can even choose faux fur rugs shaped just like authentic ones to create visual appeal and provide a soft, safe place for your little ones to lounge or play.

Patterned Kids' Area Rugs

Add a splash of style to your children's spaces with patterned area rugs. Explore bright stars, swirling lines and perfectly symmetrical designs, or pick animal prints, rainbows and unicorns, or other whimsically fun designs. Patterned rugs for kids come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which means you can find the perfect floor covering for your little ones' spaces, whether you're outfitting a nursery, a bedroom or a playroom.

Playroom Rugs and Mats

Playroom rugs and mats can include printed roads, parks and other scenery so your kids can use their own imaginations to create hours of fun. Choose from charming patterns and a variety of kid-friendly designs to create the ultimate play space for your kids. Opt for large rectangular rugs in your child's favorite colors to protect the area beneath kid-sized desks or other furniture, small circular rugs to place beneath kids' loungers or faux fur animal-shaped rugs that your little ones will love.

High-Performance Kids' Rugs

Rugged and durable, high-performance kids' rugs are ideal for active play spaces. These rugs can stand up to heavy foot traffic, and they're easy to clean and maintain - making them the perfect choice for playrooms and older kids' bedrooms.

Made to Order Kids' Area Rugs

Custom kids' rugs are durably hand tufted and dyed for lasting color. Most feature plush, soft and springy yarns that are great for little feet. Available in a wide range of sizes, these custom rugs are a wonderful addition to any space.

Finding the perfect rug for your kids' rooms, playroom or other spaces is easy at Pottery Barn Kids. You'll find an exceptional selection of kids' rugs made from the finest materials that your children will love.