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Pottery Barn Bedding

Easy Bedroom Updates with Bedding

When it's time to refresh your bedroom, the easiest transformation is your bedding. By choosing new colors, patterns and textures, you can give the whole room a new look and feel. Keep your eye on beautifully crafted furniture pieces, like bed frames or nightstands, but get started right away with comforter sets, fresh fitted and flat sheets, updated pillow shams and new pillowcases. Shop Pottery Barn's wide-ranging bedding collections to find the sets for you. With new designer lines, high-concept looks and an all-new Eco Shop, creating a new bedroom scheme has never been easier or more satisfying.

Treat Yourself to Better Bedding Every Night

Improve your sleep set-up with better bedding. Decide what's most important to you about your bed set and build out from there. For some, it's as simple as swapping out sheets that have been laundered for years in favor of new ones that have high-quality material and a high thread count. If you love your comforter, make the change with a new duvet cover. Pick a new texture, like a ruched style, velvet or linen fabric or an organic cotton choice. Some people are happiest with the perfect pillows. If that's you, start diversifying your shams and pillowcases. Be bold with new colors, like jewel tones or dusky hues and exciting patterns, like florals, etoile or jacquard. You can get patterns for the shams and solids for the cases, vice versa or both looks for both sets. When the seasons change, it's time to reassess your bedding sets, too. If you love cozy warmth, add comforter sets, layers of quilts or a coverlet to the foot of the bed. As you shop, choose your pieces so that you can build a new bedding suite for yourself. Picking one piece can refresh a room or make a statement, but curating your collection of sheets, blankets, covers and more gives you the versatility to get through grander room refreshes--or at least a big laundry day.

Play with Color and Pattern

Invigorate your bedroom design with bedding sets in new colors and patterns. If you've been dying to try a new look, this is a simple way to test it out for the long run. As you work a new look into your decor, you can decide when to ramp up your color story and when to mute it or add depth by complementing it with other colors. Shop patterned bedding and comforter sets for a big look. Exciting pattern trends include a resurgence of filigree-inspired patterns, like etoile, medallions surrounded by scrolls or florals and paisley. If a pattern is a big change for your room, soften the impact by staying mostly monochrome or trying gentler patterns first. For instance, a gray bedroom looks beautiful with misty gray florals or a rain cloud-colored coverlet with geometric diamond stitching. As you become accustomed to more intricacy in your designs, you can begin to add more dimension to your look. Consider colors just a shade or two away or try a mix of patterns in the same color family. Mix lights and darks for a stunning impact. With blush and purple bedding trending, it's easy to range from royal blues and purples to the palest of pinks. Stay thematic by sticking with all warm or cool colors for harmony.

Pick Bedding Sets for The Ultimate Comfort

While bedding can change the look of your room instantly, you'll feel the difference at night when it's time to go to sleep and in the morning when you wake up. Imagine the wonderful feeling of new sheets and blankets swaddling you as drift off. This is an indulgence--or is it an essential?--that everyone deserves. If you love an airy feel, choose organic cotton sheets and lightweight blankets. For the crisp feel of a bed in a top-notch hotel, discover the Hotel Bedding Shop. For dreamy plush comforters, shop for down or down alternatives or look at collections created especially for Pottery Barn by long-beloved designers. Stock up on a stack of new pillows and pillowcases. A fresh pillow does wonders for your comfort levels. You need to change them out more often than you realize, even if they're machine washable.