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Kids & Baby Bedding

Making the Most of Your Kids Bedding

Upgrade or refresh your children's rooms with new kids bedding. From sheets to quilts and comforters to bed skirts, there are plenty of beautiful linens to shop for when it's time to give your kids beds a makeover. Enjoy the cheer of colors inspired by fruit or candy. Fluff up an extra set of pillows for reading before lights out. Add patterns and motifs that make everyone smile and keep them warm and cozy at night. With kids bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, bedtime is about to be transformed into fun time.

Kids Bedding Basics

Stock up on your collection of kids bedding to keep beds freshly made. Give yourself a couple days off from doing laundry and get them excited about being part of basic household tasks, like tucking in the sheets or changing pillowcases. Start with the basics and continue curating bedding looks from there.

  • You can't have enough sheet sets on hand. These consist of a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a set of pillowcases.
  • Match your sheet sets with shams and duvets. Shams are more substantial pillowcases and they usually have a wider trim edge. Duvets are comforters that get duvet covers.
  • Find decorative duvet covers to add personality to your kids bedding choices. You can select a high-quality duvet and cover it with new covers regularly to refresh the look while only buying one comforter.

Choosing Bedding Sets

Choosing new kids bedding sets is a fantastic way to play with color, texture and pattern. Try something new or enhance what you already have.

  • Add rainbow stripes to open up the possibilities when it comes to color. Now, you can add kids room decor of any hue and know you have something to tie it into.
  • Indulge whatever is your kids are obsessing over these days. If it's dinosaurs, stars, the color yellow or everything in pink and only pink, have fun making a bed they'll love.
  • Enhance bedding sets with blankets and throws. These are cozy for reading or scrolling in bed, plus they add extra warmth to things when nights get cooler.

Mix-and-Match Bedding Looks

Take the time to experiment with a blend of new pieces and foundation sets you already have in your kids linen closet. A pretty mint green can add a lot of depth to a mostly yellow or blue bedroom. A shot of crisp white somewhere that won't get messy can add an airy touch. The point is to mix it up and make the most of making the bed.