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Pottery Barn Furniture

Create A New Feel at Home with New Furniture

No matter what room you're in, you want to feel like you're at home in your space. Each room should be a magnificent reflection of your personal taste and style. Discover the furniture that can take your room to a new level of beauty and craftsmanship. Start with the living room and decorate for entertaining and relaxing. Then, create a home office that gives you space for your best work, even if it includes regular home tasks. In the dining room, a new table and chairs makes it an entirely new room. Work from one end of your house to the other for a steady transformation.

Quality Home Furniture Changes Everything

The quality of your furniture makes all the difference in your interior design. When you choose furnishings that are made from the best materials--think leather, resilient twill, stone and hardwoods--you elevate the atmosphere of your home beyond just the sum of your new pieces. Designate places for you and your family to relax, unwind, get together, plan, chat, eat and play games or watch movies. Furniture sets create spaces that feel like everyone belongs. Reveal interior architecture you hadn't focused on before by selecting pieces that correspond to your layout and complement the height and natural light in your rooms. Curate home accents that mean something to your sense of style. Drop decorative objects amid accent pieces or hang mirrors and select lamps that surprise with their lines and illumination. Plan your new look by shopping by room or by sets. A total transformation to your home's atmosphere can change your whole life.

Redo Your Living Room with A Statement Piece

Your living room probably serves as a multi-purpose area for family, friends and entertainment. Discover how to maximize the potential of this space by selecting a statement piece. A statement piece is an eye-catching piece of furniture you place in a central area of the room. The furnishing serves as a signature for your home--one of many design touchstones that give your whole home its character when considered independently or together. Explore the fun of a sectional. These seats let you mix and match coordinating elements, like a couch, chaise lounge or armchair, into one winding sofa scenario. Sectionals are just right for big families or anyone who loves to have friends over for drinks, snacks or movies. A beautiful coffee table, made of heavy wood with craft details or airy glass and minimalist metal framing, can show off centerpieces or exhibit a sophisticated personal style. A grand media center makes a living room feel like a home theater and entertainment den all at once. Place your pieces to face the action.

Get Inspired with A Redesigned Home Office

See for yourself how much more you get done when you refurnish your home office. This space is used differently in different homes. Some families consider their office a place to take care of bills or prepare correspondence. Other people always work from home. What you do with your office determines the type of furniture you need to make it perfect for your objectives. Shop desks, chairs, bookcases, storage and decor to create a productive space. The desk sets the tone for your home office. Choose designer home furniture with all the features like easy-glide drawers or a wide plank top. For a smaller corner, a secretary-style desk can get the job done. Your office chair determines how your time plays out. A solid chair can set the tone for productivity and focus. Go executive with a swivel base when you're a big decision-maker. For easier work, it's okay to get cushier. Fill the space with all the shelves and cabinets you need. In the office, planning for furniture that accommodates everything you require lets you put your attention back where it belongs.

Plan A New Dining Room Style

Update your dining room to enjoy your meals as much as possible. Shop for dining tables and chairs that fit your family plus a few more guests. After all, you'll have to start inviting people over more now!