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Kids & Baby Decor


Elevate Your Nursery Decor

Plan to enhance your nursery decor with just a few refined touches. This is an upgrade that can happen in an afternoon or over a weekend. By selecting floor lamps, mirrors or cute storage, you can transform the look and feel of the nursery or simply refresh a corner or two. New decorating touches are a fun way to celebrate a growing baby and begin to transition into playroom furnishings and, later, and kids bedroom aesthetic. Choose pieces that bring a soft sense of whimsy to your kids room decor.

Where To Start Decorating

If you know it's time for a light refresh, start by choosing nursery decor that already complements the crib or bed, bedding and rugs you already have.

  • Choose one corner of the room to begin. Maybe you'd love some wall art over a changing table or a creative wall light can bring out the best in your palette.
  • Make further change by adding new textures or an interesting new motif, like beaded or woven pieces. Storage baskets, throw blankets or give you the chance to include something fresh.
  • Create a gallery on a single wall with framed photos or canvas art. Introduce new colors or go deeper with the colors you already chose.

Lighting for Little Ones

Enhancing the lighting can transform your nursery decor dramatically with very little effort on your part. Lamps can be easy to move around the room, too, so you can play with the layout as you continue to spend time in the nursery.

  • Table lamps help cast a soft glow over a smaller area. Use them on night tables or on the side table next to a chair you have in the baby's room. In kids' rooms, place them next to the bed for reading.
  • Dangle a chandelier or pendant for an upscale change with one statement piece. A beaded, tasseled or otherwise adorned light brings a hint of drama to the room.
  • New are the most versatile in terms of moving them around the room as your child grows. When you get new furniture, just unplug it and replug it elsewhere.

Kids Room Decor

If you have more than one child, upgrade your kids' bedrooms while making changes in the nursery. This helps all your kids feel like decorating is a fun family activity. Add shelves, rugs, wall art and more to their space to make your home look rejuvenated and lively.