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Kids & Baby Furniture

Kids Furniture Essentials

A child's bedroom is their own special spot in the home. It is a room not only for sleeping but for playing, learning, growing and dreaming. Kids furniture essentials from Pottery Barn Kids are sized and styled to fit children in all stages of development.

Nursery Furniture

A well-designed nursery will help you to navigate life with a newborn. Start by choosing a great crib and a changing table with plenty of storage space. If you have the space, a nursery glider chair is also incredibly helpful to have for late night feedings and for rocking your newborn to sleep.

Toddler Furniture

Toddler beds are the next step once your toddler grows out of their standard crib. Many Pottery Barn Kids cribs can be converted into a bed using a toddler bed conversion kit. At this stage, you may also choose to add extra

Kids Bedroom Furniture

In what seems like no time at all, your child will be ready for their first "grown-up" bed. Choose from standard beds, storage beds or upholstered beds in a variety of colors. Bunk beds or are also a great choice for siblings sharing a room. Pair your kids bed with a matching dresser and nightstand then personalize the space with fun decor items and wall art.

Kids Playroom Furniture

Having a designated spot to play is important for a child's development. If you don't have a separate playroom, this can be a spot within the child's bedroom, in the living room or wherever you can find the space. Playroom furniture is incredibly fun and diverse.

  • Play tables and chairs are perfect for puzzles, games, tea parties or art projects.
  • A play kitchen lets your child pretend to be a world-class chef.
  • Fabric tents and teepees give them their own private spot where their imagination can take over. These tents also make a great reading nook.
  • Kid-sized lounge furniture, like miniature sofas, fabric chairs and bean bag chairs, are a must-have in a child's playroom for playing games, reading and relaxing.

Kids Storage Furniture

Proper to and book storage is extremely important for children's bedrooms and playrooms. A large opaque toy chest is an essential tool for storing and hiding away toys and other playroom clutter. For books, choose cabinets and bookshelves that are low to the ground so younger children can take down and put away their own picture books. Use decorative baskets and bins to organize games, small toys and art supplies.

Kids Desks and Study Furniture

Once your child has started school, they'll also need a dedicated spot with a desk for working on school projects. Be sure to choose a kids desk with plenty of storage space for papers and school supplies. You can also keep a bookshelf nearby to store extra materials. Choose from basic upholstered desk chairs or ones in fun colors and prints to add whimsy to their study space.

Pottery Barn Kids has all the kids furniture essentials you'll need to outfit your child's bedroom, playroom and study space. With kids bedroom furniture for newborns, toddlers and older children available, you can always be ready with new stylish items as soon as your child's needs change.